SuperFlex Coaching is a bespoke service helping recreational athletes involved in office based jobs reduced pain and maximised performance in their sessions.

This in turn helps promote improved confidence, productivity and a greater sense of wellbeing along with health and safety benefits for your company. We combine a full specrum of flexibility/mobility exercises, lifestyle coaching and development of mental flexibility to provide a holistic path to faster recovery, a balanced physique and a greater realisation of sports potential.

Nutritional coaching is also available as required for further performance enhancement.

Sessions can be arranged one-one or in groups either at our own studios, within company facilities or boardrooms, or at individuals residences. 

Please contact 07504 142211 or email felix@superflexcoaching.com to arrange a free taster session.

Felix Leech, the head coach and founder of SuperFlex Coaching, is a British Equity JISC registered stuntman, contortionist and fitness enthusiast. Developing his techniques through over a decade of trial and error, Felix created SuperFlex Coaching to pass on his knowledge so you and your company can get the same benefits too.