Have You Had Enough Of Waking Up Dead On Monday Morning, Feeling The Affects Of Age, Only To Repeat It All Again?


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The Stop Feeling Old Before Your Time breakthrough session is your shortcut to combat the rapid aging effects of your stressful desk-bound job, without fear of chronic back and knee pains, even if you have no time or energy to even think.

At Your Complimentary Session You Will Discover…
  • Simple techniques at your level to prevent long term back and knee pains so it doesn’t impact your work and family life
  • Discover the short list of things you can do to slow the effects of aging even with your high paced career 
  • Strategies you can use to be more productive, have the energy to enjoy time with your friends and family and get back to the hobbies you love








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Here are what some of my clients are saying about how their body feels in and out of work
“After the session I had a GREAT nights rest and mental clarity and stimulation so I was able to better work on my business!” Chrystal, Stanmore

“Felix was very clear in setting out the program, very understanding and easy to communicate with. ” Lucy, Vauxhall

“I feel like my flexibility was better, it has been anyway and I feel like it was in the session, and there was no hard sell so it was good all around. I enjoyed chatting, didn’t feel uncomfortable , didn’t feel bad or upset and appreciated the time.” Millie, Islington