Trickers, Cheerleaders, Martial Artists, This Could Be The Awakening You’ve Been Looking For.

Hello and welcome.

My name’s Felix Leech. I’ve been a full-time athlete for 9 years, and I’ve been training my flexibility for over fourteen. Using my focused techniques that I’ve honed over years of analysis and gruelling trial and error I have built a superior flexibility that I’ve applied to my gymnastics, martial arts and a wide range of other sports.

I started off applying my knowledge solely for my own use, but have since started to pass my wisdom on to others. Because of this high degree of talent and reputation I have been a guest instructor for flexibility classes in London and given countless tips to people from gymnastics coaches to professional chefs.

Flexibility affects each and every aspect of your life, sometimes without you even knowing it:

  • You come home from work and your back hurts like you’ve been carrying a gorilla on your shoulders all day. You reach for a cigarette – you promised your wife you would quit but the pain is so it’s the only thing that will offer you some relief. Before you know it you’re hooked again, the pain is still there and the two combined make you more depressed each day.
  • You’re playing tennis with one of your husband’s colleagues from work. You go for a backhand shot but it’s just out of reach. No matter how much you stretch your arm across, your stiff shoulders create a barrier that you can’t seem to break. Your partner knows this, and plays the same shot every time. As you leave the court she consoles you with her same cute smile, which only makes you feel worse inside.
  • You’re late for a meeting, so you fast-foot down the stairs to the conference room. And miss the last step. Again. Why is it always that one? Your ankle buckles, and as you try to stand you realise you won’t be going anywhere fast.

I’m going to show you how you can supercharge your flexibility and make all of these problems a thing of the past…

Finally – a COMPLETE Training Course To take You By The Hand And Extend Your Flexibility To New Levels, WITHOUT The Years Of Struggle And Half-Assed Results Of Normal Methods.


Like it or not, flexibility is all around you, and affects your quality of life more than almost anything else.

Chronic neck pain? That’s a lack of flexibility. Weak muscles and poor range of motion in normal movements? Yep, that’s affected by flexibility too. Your level of flexibility can even affect how well you sleep at night.

SuperFlex101 has undergone over two years of product development (not to mention a decade of developing the techniques) but is now ready to be released to give YOU the opportunity to use it to your advantage.

I will walk you through, step-by-step how you can…

  • Go to work every day pain free, supple and with increased vitality
  • Speed your recovery in almost any injury and even help prevent them from happening
  • Release the barriers and unlock an unprecedented degree of sports potential, strength and power
  • Get more from every sports session and recover faster, so you can do more of what you love
  • Release mind and body tension no matter what life throws at you
  • Maintain a supple and fluid physique right into your later years, so you can feel years, even decades younger
  • (Not to mention some of the cool circus tricks that will turn heads in your direction!)

You can work it around YOUR own abilities and lifestyle so you can faster results, with less time and stress

This all-encompassing training suite will allow you to:

  • Work on specific stretches in the areas you need most, at work, on the field or wherever you need them
  • Choose from a vast database of flexibility techniques so you can stay supple in even the most awkward situations
  • Get maximum results whether you’re completely new to stretching or already have years of experience
  • Keep the results coming no matter how many times you hit a plateau
  • And much, much more…

“You Won’t Find Anything Like This Training Program On The Market Today.”

From the Desk of Felix Leech

I know what you’re thinking. All this is easy for you to say – but you were BORN like this, right?
Not true.

People look at me like some kind of flexibility genius, but it wasn’t always that way. When I started taking my training seriously, every pain from my work and sport life was multiplied by ten. All the bad habits, all the injuries – every day I woke up and I was in agony.

Worse still I felt stiffer, weaker and my performance was going nowhere. All that pain and I had nothing to show for it.

Like you I was trying all these quick fixes and pain remedies, anything to make me feel better. But without tackling the root of the problem, these efforts would do nothing.

Its Time To face The Facts, Flexibility Is Holding You Back Wherever You Go

So as an athlete, I looked into some underground stretching tips and tried applying them to my daily routine.

Suddenly, the pain started to go away. Not just during sport, but at work as well. I could go through the whole work day without feeling stiff – and knew exactly how to fix it if I did. I could move however and wherever I wanted. And I had more energy, was feeling stronger and in better health than ever before.

These simple tricks did more for my body than all the other methods combined!

You can have all the painkillers, muscle rub or cigarettes you want but without hitting the belly of the beast you’re just spinning wheels, my friend.

Wherever I go, I hear people wishing they had greater flexibility. It’s the one thing people long for more than anything, yet spend the least time on. Now is your chance to be the exception. Once you have this power in your hands you will be the inspiration people look up to, as you are able to do things they had only dreamed of.

I’m Here To Turn The CAN’T Into CAN In Your Abilities

Here’s just a glimpse of what SuperFlex101 has in store:

  • Detailed instruction on how YOU can boost your flexibility from day 1 in a step-by-step, easy to follow course
  • Your 101 on staying supple whether you’re a professional athlete, public speaker or anything in between
  • The perfect formula for staying on on top in as little as a few minutes a day
  • Exact stretches and tricks to prevent and help cure the most common work pains
  • Sport stretches so you get even more out of what you love and go further than ever before
  • Simple tips to help you recover faster from injuries and prevent them from ever happening

So the big question Felix… how much is this going to cost?

Let me get this straight. I’m not another one of those scammers out to kidnap your wallet. (You know who you are… it’s only going to come around and bite you, sooner or later…)

I’m not here to give you a maths lesson either. I’m here to teach cutting edge flexibility tactics, not hammer you with equations. But let’s do a little tally:

Master eBook teaching you all the ins and outs of developing a supple physique, built from as much as 12 years of knowledge…..

Worth $97

‘SuperFlex Inspiration Audios’ – The entire SuperFlex 101 system on Mp3, ready to download & fire up your day…..

Worth $97

Step-by-step video tutorials so you don’t miss a single instruction

Worth $147

Lifetime updates to all the above PLUS any new MEMBER-EXCLUSIVE features I add in the future


So all in all, we have a grand total of… at least

$500 – MONTHLY

Relax, I’m not going to charge anything close to that. This course is about releasing your restrictions, not imposing them.

I had a long think about the price, and I was pretty settled with $197/month. $197 seemed pretty reasonable given the WEALTH of information I’m about to share with you.

But life is about giving, and at $197 I would still feel like I was taking something from you.

So for a limited time only, I’m going to offer this whole package, with free LIFETIME UPDATES, for a measly one time price of

$67 Now Only $27

That’s less than the price of a meal out for two. And I bet the restaurant doesn’t give you free lifetime updates!


But that’s not all. I’m so confident that you’ll be blown away beyond your wildest dreams that I won’t take even a single dime if you’re the least bit unsatisfied. That’s why I’m offering my:

Get instant access right now!

Yes! I want to get my hands on SuperFlex 101 right now. I understand that I will get:

  • Training manuals and audios revealing every step of the process.
  • Demonstration videos.
  • Regular podcasts uncovering the latest tips on flexibility and more.
  • Plus much more!

I also understand that if I’m not satisfied at ANY moment during my first 60 days, I can ask for a full, hassle-free refund


But I mean it when I say it’s not going to be around for long. I want to give all my members the maximum value and attention, and the only way I can do that is by keeping numbers down. So don’t be surprised if you come back tomorrow and this page is gone completely.

You have been warned – so hurry and get on the inside now!

See ya there,

Disclaimer: SuperFlex 101 does not guarantee you get results in this program similar to those displayed, or even any results at all. Gains in flexibility are based on background, time and commitment to the program. SuperFlex 101 is not a quick fix. Permanent results require a long-term commitment to maintain.

Felix Leech and SuperFlex 101 does take any responsibility for injury caused by misuse or misinterpretation of any techniques contained within. This course is intended as information only and is not medical advice of any kind, if any concerns please see your certified medical practitioner.